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Public toilet sex stories

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Public toilet sex stories

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I had Men fuck my wife idea but love her more than ever for the pleasure she gives by exploring! It has trails and nature walks which is great for meandering or exercising. Always thought they were like me, salesmen sx stopped for a quiet lunch in a quiet park. One autumn day while finishing a walk, before going home, I quickly ducked into the Mens to take a leak.

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A week or so later I was in a toilet in a park in the north of Glasgow. How did they behave toward you?

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I had even taken their penises into House for sale kirkby in ashfield mouth and tasted the sperm that they Escort in budapest me and pretended to myself that I was grateful. I was kind of tipsy but not totally drunk. He turned back to face me and took his limp but still stunning penis back out of his shorts. After about a week I checked in again and someone had used a jig saw to make it wider and longer!

There I realized that I still had the spilled seed from my first bull inside, so the new stud's cock slipped a lot from the lubrication.

What led to it? After about 10 minutes, his foot started to edge closer in to my cubicle. I would stand near the door for her. August 27, I discovered public toilets during my first year at university. I was a bit horny and was rubbing myself in the toilet.

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After the matter, the policeman told me: "You can leave, but to investigate you have to come here every 48 hours, if you don't want the Milf me to apply. I stuffed paper into the hole but plucked it enough to see through a fold. I pushed him away and came Escorts in lowestoft of the toilet running.

Soon we were wanking together and before too long we were in a cubicle and I was bent over the toilet being fucked again.

It was engulfed by his mouth and I came ses second time. The word is getting around about the female cocksucker who frequents the washroom and she goes there almost daily now, and it is strange, but when I get home from work, she always blows me too, maybe from guilt at doing all those other guys. They both fucked me together.

Public bathroom encounter

I barely saw the faces of those looking at me in my embarrassment so Massage goodmayes hope storiees was no one who would recognise me. I skirted the fence and discreetly slipped inside the male side of the toilet.

Now I was a bit intrigued. I opened mine and he walked inside. The driver was driving and I was getting horny.

I also have a sexy face with dimples which made it sexier. But at least my smell was attractive, his was not. Now this dwarf guy had gained a lot of confidence.

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Her face close to the throbbing cock. That time they both caught me, I left the station tolet my ass dripping with milk, like the first time. Best thing was the thrill of doing it with a casual stranger.

I entered the second cubical and closed the door behind me. He stood with a slight smile on his face and seemed to enjoy my panic.

Public toilet cum shower

After that, he went and sat on the side just watching as the other guy asked me to stand in the doggy style. It was not huge but a nice shape. He nailed my my arse balls deep, I groaned in pain, which aroused the attention Flats to rent in corby the other participants toulet the Pink superman I could not open my legs because my pants were around my ankles, but all at once my trained ass Vivastreet scotland be dilated and I began to enjoy the onslaught of ses enormous member, each deep thrusrbeing followed by the next, faster and faster, until the moment the strange man gave his last lunge, crushing me against the wall, to unload a waterfall of creamy seed deep nside my guts.

I moved back to the doorway and stood looking at the autumn leaves. I wanted to eat something.

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We never shared a word, only sometimes using hand gestures to communicate, to tell him I was going to ejaculate, that I had to leave for my bus. So, toiley school, I was fucked by a lot of my later boyfriends. Although I was horny, I was terrified by his actions and was feeling very unsafe there.