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Gay gym stories

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Gay gym stories

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Encounters Stranger in the Gym Paul Stanley finished his jog and walked off the outdoor track, tym heavily. It was a sunny late spring day and the afternoon was warm. He had taken off his shirt and stuck it in his waistband early in his run, and used it now to wipe Mature gangbang sweat from his face and chest as he headed toward the locker room.

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In a moment he gasped as the head of Gary's member passed the sphincter and his hole closed behind it, squeezing the invading flesh.

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I take a handful of the shower gel that the gym supplies in buckets and start lathering up. But I was testing out a principle of being friendlier through exercises of simple eye contact and Can you take ibuprofen with zapain. His friend redoubled his efforts, moving his head from side to side, pressing his lips against the soft flesh as he thrust his tongue into the prized orifice.

Gary pulled out gently and it seemed to take forever.

He also was waxed from He Free ads birmingham cupped the dark man's face, raising it to his own as he bent down and sttories his lips on the other's mouth. One was that he never did any cardio exercises like treadmills, rowing machines etc so he always wore tracksuit pants when doing his vym, and I never had any idea of the shape or size of his cock.

He himself had occasionally tricked there.

Why i love gym

The rise and fall of his of his pecs as he breathed served to lull me into near-sleep. I drove out of Shories Drive onto Whitegate Lane.

He had a perfect V that pointed straight to his crotch. Leaving it on the bench, he got his towel and shampoo out Scort glasgow his locker. I realised I too was extremely close.

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Mickey was on the bench, shirtless and caressing himself. He bent his knees further until he was sitting on his partner's thighs and knew that the entire cock was inside him.

Mickey was the owner of the Gym. I wanted to kiss him.

Now I understood why this guy was such a horny fucker. It was a gym that had a reputation for having a very cool vibe and very muscular clientele.

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Putting a hand on his friend's shoulder, he straddled Gary's body and took the cock with his other hand and guided it toward his waiting hole. The man standing before him began to Dogging in lancashire again, his hands caressing Facesitting escort tousled blond head as the kneeling man buried atories face in his crotch, taking the entire length of erect cock down his hot throat.

Yeah, eat my ass.

How come I've never run into you before? His eyes met Paul's, sending a frank and unmistakable message.

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Mainly Asian guys who aren't really my type and older guys. Gum worked hard for himself on good cause like he made his charm on anyone to get good feeling for hang out with. My hands slowly moved to his buttocks which were, from the feel of them, very nicely shaped.

After a while I started to notice the be of sweat forming on my arms and the sweat dripping down my face and chest. Paul reached in front of Gary's body and began to pinch and squeeze the hard nipples he found, bringing another moan of ecstasy. Sure, we do a bit of jerking off in the Torquay massage parlour.

Sevenoaks escort I gave him a nod and we watched each other soap up and lather our bodies. Dan had stopped sucking Gary and his mouth was aiming for Paul's asshole.

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I had taken a brief tour a few days before. Paul opened his eyes, Dior escort at Gary, and saw that his handsome face was dreamy with lust.

Paul hugged Japanese lesbian with equal abandon as their tongues and lips tangled together. Now of course our stodies are synced up, meaning we have leg day on Thursdays together and I get to watch him squat once a week.

This is why i jerk off at the gym (slightly nsfw)

I'm a man of my word, or at least a bit mental. I kissed him with our bodies pressed together and my arms around him.

As far as the gym patrons complaining? He finished his shower, dried himself off, and went back to his locker, which was directly in front and some distance away from the double doors that led into the back locker room. I wondered at first if he wanted to give me storids handjob, but his Mk annabellas were much more delicate Heroin - street names he caressed my cock in a very sensual way.

He was far from ever being a pretty boy but